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How does the delivery driver know your code?

Easy! For all online stores including Amazon, simply put the code in "Address 2" or "Address 3."
Delivery drivers know to look there.

How do I secure a Leavit so that it doesn't get stolen?

You'll be able to chain your Leavit up to a railing, fence, or latch, much like you would a bike.

Will the delivery drivers know how to use it?

Most delivery drivers are familiar with products like these - in testing our prototype, almost every delivery was placed into the Leavit without any specific instructions.

What about other package delivery services and products? Why should I buy this?

We don't need extra middlemen or internet smart devices to solve this problem. With a Leavit, you won’t need to go pick up your package somewhere, you won’t need to connect a device to Wifi, and you won’t need to allow delivery drivers to enter your home. Your package will actually be delivered to your home on the first try, and you won’t have to do anything extra to obtain it.

Will Leavit be able to hold most package sizes?

Yes! Initially, all Leavits will be 20" wide x 16" tall x 16" deep. So, it'll fit the majority of your package deliveries.

What if I move after using my Leavit?

You can take your Leavit with you when you move!  Simply unchain your Leavit and take it with you.


We’re crowdfunding later this month. Don’t miss it.