Introducing Leavit - a lockbox to keep your package deliveries safe!

tldr; Getting packages delivered in the city sucks. I made a lockbox that you just put outside of your house/apartment to protect packages. Interested? Join the mailing list below, and once we start taking orders, you'll get free shipping!

Isn't Home Delivery Supposed to Be Convenient?!

Kevin Chemidlin here. I live in Philadelphia's Fishtown neighborhood, and I love living in a city. I also love getting stuff delivered to my house, because I'm a lazy millenial without a car. Amazon Prime? Blue Apron? Instacart? Barkbox? Sign. Me. Up.


But here's the problem: I can't really do that. Why? Because I have to be at my house when the package gets delivered. If I have the gall to leave the house and go to work on a weekday, I'm rewarded with a nice lengthy trip to the post office to stand in line for 30 minutes. Which can only happen between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. WHEN I SHOULD BE AT WORK.


The crazy part? The heavy hitters have no idea how to solve this problem. The biggest name out there - you know who it is - recently announced their product that lets the delivery drivers come inside your house. ...really?


Sidenote: WaPo wrote that article above lambasting the product... and the same guy who owns that really big company owns WaPo. So... kudos to non-censorship I guess?

All of this doesn't even mention the epidemic of package theft by "porch pirates" as reported by the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal...

The Other Solutions Are Not Convenient Enough

I took the liberty of looking up our current options, which are:

This all makes no sense. Why do I need to spend so much money on complicated technology to receive packages? Why can't there just be a simple, affordable solution?

I've decided to make one.

Introducing: Leavit!

Leavit is a simple, easy-to-use lockbox designed to keep your packages safe until you get home to retrieve them.

Leavit's features:

  • A built-in combination lock. Delivery drivers already know how to use these.
  • It's easy to assemble. Four pieces. Snap them in place, and you're good to go.
  • It can be secured to a porch, stoop, railing, or fence.
  • It's weatherproof.
  • It's optimally-sized to fit the most common package dimensions.
  • Curb-appeal: you'll be proud to have it in front of your house!

It's that simple.

So an app developer is trying to make a consumer product?


Yup! But, I need your help!

In order to develop this product to be the simplest, most affordable, most elegant solution possible, I've partnered with an experienced design and manufacturing firm who has been creating fantastic consumer products for decades. Their clients include Major League Baseball, Rawlings, Easton, and the NFL, among others.

Thankfully, this team has a heart for problem-solvers like me, and has offered their design services at cost. So, not only will the product come from years of successful design, but it also will have startup costs that are actually achievable!

You In? Good! Here's the plan.

I'll be taking preorders via a crowdfunding campaign in just a few weeks. For now, before I accept anybody's hard earned cash, I'd like to focus on getting the concept through the initial prototyping stage. Here's the current timetable:

  1. Now: Develop prototype
    • We are 2-3 weeks away from sharing the prototype!
  2. ~3-4 weeks from now: Collect Preorders
    • We'll utilize crowdfunding to collect preorders at a steep discount and raise money for the first batch of manufacturing.
  3. Later this summer: Ship!
    • Preordered Leavits will ship to the first supporters, and Leavit will be available online for purchase at any time.

For now: join the mailing list for Free Shipping, & share this post!

Once the crowdfunding page is live, those who join the email list will receive access to a special contribution tier which gets them Free Shipping for their contribution!

A link will be emailed to you unlocking the special Free Shipping code.

So, what do you think?

Are you pumped about this solution? Do you think I'm dumb for attempting to solve such a big problem? Should there be a limited-edition shark week version? Let me know in the comments!